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Natural Ways To Curb Premenstrual (PMS) Food Cravings


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We've talked about food cravings during premenstrual syndrome PMS a few times in this website.

We've illustrated how a chemical imbalance in the nervous system can cause a decline in the feel good hormone called serotonin and how this can lead to continuous food cravings that can lead to binging,gaining weight and falling into a major depression 

In this short article, we will go through a few natural ways to stop food cravings during PMS. Before we begin you can start by checking out the resource about how to Lose The Weight You Need To Fast

These, like all other ways recommended in other sections, are not exclusive to certain food cravings but work across all food cravings irrespective of the drive behind the cravings e.g. PMS, Depression etc.

  1. You need to eat food that does not release carbohydrates quickly. This is because food carbohydrates that are quickly released in the body raise serotonin instantly and put you on a" high" almost immediately but they are also used up so fast it only becomes a matter of time before you are down in the pit again - does mood swings ring a bell? DO NOT eat food such as ice cream, cakes and other junk food that you might be craving like crazy. Instead eat fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts.
  2. Eat some tuna, rice cake or rye crisp. If you add a little mayonnaise or almond butter can help slow down the rate of absorption of the carbohydrates, which would of course result in a longer lasting elimination of PMS food cravings.
  3. Try to eat in smaller portions: Since it has been illustrated that carbohydrates that are absorbed gradually into the body are preferred. This then means you can eat smaller portions of food across the day so that you keep your sugar levels steady. Make sure you eat the amount of food you'd eat even if it was 3 meals per day. It may be six meals per day but make it the same proportions as your usual 3 meals a day.
  4. balance up magnesium in your body: Symptoms like abdominal bloating, breast pain, headaches, fatigue, fluid retention, mood swings are said to be as a result of lack of magnesium in the body. So other than just eliminating food cravings magnesium is said to also help in reducing menstrual cramping and the other symptoms mentioned above. Food that is rich in magnesium include nuts, whole grains, beans, almonds and green leafy vegetables. Note that refined or soft water tends to be without the needed levels of magnesium.
  5. Calcium is important too: some recent studies suggest that a high intake of high calcium intake and vitamin D may help reduce premenstrul syndrome (PMS) by at least 50%. Food rich in calcium include, milk, cheese, yogurt, greens broccoli, sardines, canned salmon with bones, dried beans and peas, black molasses, edible seaweeds, watercress and tofu

Natural ways to stop food cravings during PMS are not limited to these listed above. Continue with your reading and you will find more and more useful information.

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